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Page history last edited by Keith Schoch 5 years, 7 months ago

Resource Name: ThatQuiz

URL: http://thatquiz.org

Uses: Quiz Quickly




Description: ThatQuiz is a super simple self-checking site that assesses mixed math concepts, as well as some concepts in science, geography, and languages.


For math, the teacher or student can select an overall skill, a subskill, and then with that page can choose a timed or untimed session, the number of problems, and the difficulty level. Within certain concepts, additional differentiation is permitted. In the Screenshot to the right, for example, you can see that the fractions exercise has a number of variables which can be clicked on or off depending on skill to be assessed.


Also in the screenshot, although not immediately apparent, is a "Make URL" link (bottom left) which allows teachers to set the page and variables and then share out specific assessments to specific students for easy differentiation. Does the site record which students accessed it or their results? No. But it does provide instant right/wrong results (top right) as students work, and feedback as well (if selected).


What's great about this site is that students can create self-checking quizzes as preparation for an upcoming formative or summative assessment simply by choosing their skill and level.


Sample Applications for the Classroom:


  • Assign as (optional) homework practice.
  • Differentiate assignments easily.
  • Use as mid-lesson formative quizzes.
  • Provide to those parents who think you're going too easy and not challenging their child. 


Notes and Caveats:


  • Be sure to do a "run through" of each assessment you're planning. The levels aren't perfect, and you may see a huge jump between two different levels.


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