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Resource Name: Go Formative

URL: https://goformative.com

Uses: Survey and Poll, Quiz Quickly, Construct Meaning, Read and Respond, Watch and React, 




Description: Formative is an assessment tool where students can type, draw, or submit images to demonstrate their understanding. And yes, Formative is the site's real name, but it's easier to track online (Twitter, YouTube, Google) as GoFormative.  


The best way to describe this site is probably not to try, but rather to let you watch the videos below to discover the features that make it a pretty complete all-in-one tool.


What differentiates this tool is that you can upload existing assignments from pdfs, Word, and Google Docs, and add interactive pieces to them. This is not to say that we should dig out those old mimeographed, purple ink math sheets and upload them and the declare we've created authentic assessments! What it does mean is that much of your existing best lessons and resources can find new life in a digital format. Again, watch the video.




Sample Applications for the Classroom:


  • Students can draw their understanding of the many ways that a square can be divided into one half.
  • Students can create their own Likert scales illustrating feelings about a concept.
  • Students can design original graphic organizers to grapple with new concepts which are somehow related.
  • Upload poems, short stories, and other literary forms to create short assessments. The question number takes up little space, but opens when clicked upon by the student.
  • Tie assessments easily to videos and other media from the Internet, without the hassle of students jumping from site to site.


Notes and Caveats:


  • This tool potentially has lots of bells and whistles, so start out slowly. Students will soon offer their own ideas for how this site can be used.


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